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    hello! my name's charleigh, but i usually go by char for short online! i've been roleplaying since summer 2018 but i've been drawing and writing with my ocs for much longer. i like hyperpop, urban fantasy and either very soft or very bright aesthetics! i'm currently a zoology student with a particular interest in invertebrates! i just think they're neat :]
    the verse i'm the most focused on at the moment is Petrichor! it was my first foray into running a roleplay when i was 16 i so it's very dear to me, and i'm currently working on fully working out it's plotline.


    if i dont know you already please read my carrd before interacting with me or my characters

     💕 im really uncomfortable with the idea of other people drawing explicit nsfw of my characters- suggestive stuff is okay given the character is tagged as an adult unless it's one of my sonas!!

    💕 gore is fine though go ham :)

    💕 my discord is maplemoth#9126- let me know who you are if you add me, though! i'm happy to do 1 on 1 rps or just.... yell about my characters to folks :]

    💕 i get attached to characters pretty easily so i don't dabble in adoptables much (if i favorite your character,  it's more likely that i just think they're neat :]) , so please only ask to buy characters in the UFS folder!  please read the rules in that folder's description before offering

    💕 you can find me on twitter, deviantart and tumblr under the same username as here, and my art sometimes on my art blog as well as here