this seemed like an important page to add? i never really know what to put on them though..

my name is charleigh that's... the one picture you know the one esque so 99% of the time i go by char for short online. early 20s, she/her for now. we're unpacking the "for now" when i don't live with my family (who i trust to not be technologically literate to open this page) anymore.
recent bachelors graduate desperately fending off post-grad depression with a stick by trying to obtain new hobbies and going back to older ones whiich brings us here. took computer science all though secondary school but aside from a brief class on it at 12ish have learned most of the html i do know through trial and erro. recently have been watching some friends learn html/css and it motivated me to do more work on a personal neocities!

i rlly enjoy zoology in general (which was my degree) but especially invertebrates (they're just little guys and people should be nicer to them) and weird little mammals. there are so many of them in the world and i love them dearly. one day i'd like to have pet bugs of my own but i don't know when i'd be in a situation to do that.. i held a stick insect in class once and have yearned ever since. i plan on going back to uni when i can to do a master's in ecology! i volunteered at a petting zoo while studying and currently do that at an animal shelter.

media interests change a lot. puyo puyo and undertale holds special places in my heart always. i like metahorror and fourth wall-fuckery in fiction! just think it's neat. i learned a lot of the html/css i know by playing and making small args with my friends :] also speculative biology especially if it gets wierd.
..ooon that. there has been the Fixation on the video game rain world for the past.. a while. no thoughts but wawa.

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